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Oporto Breast Program

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Congenital or acquired changes in the breast often cause stress and loss of self-esteem in women of all ages. Resorting to the possibilities of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery allows to restore self-confidence and the joy of living to many women who, otherwise, would suffer the psychological pressure of not feeling good about their own body and not being able to achieve a satisfactory interpersonal relationship.

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Liposuction or liposculpture reduces or modifies adiposity in the areas of the body where it is used and promotes a remodeling of the shape with cosmetic and functional benefits. Despite maintaining good health and physical shape, many people have their bodies deformed by uncomfortable localized fat deposits.

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The importance of the face as a mirror of the soul and the region of the body that gives personality and individuality to each of us also extends to the field of cosmetics. The improvement of the general appearance of the face, the rejuvenation and the correction of deformities or anomalies are ways to give people back the self-confidence and self-esteem that are positively reflected in their behavior and interpersonal and professional relationships.

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