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Wrinkles (Botox/Fillers)


Wrinkles (Botox / Fillers)

Dysport is a substance produced by a bacterium (Clostrydium botulinum). It works at the level of the connection between the nerves and the muscles, producing muscle relaxation in the places where it is injected.


It was initially used in Ophthalmology to treat blepharospasm, a clinical condition characterized by involuntary contraction of the eyelids, and in Neurology to treat various forms of pathological muscle contraction.


Dysport was introduced in facial aesthetics by Canadian physicians Jean and Alastair Carruthers in 1987. Dr Jean Carruthers (Ophthalmologist) found that patients who injected Dysport for the treatment of blepharospasm had no wrinkles around the eyes. Then, with her husband Alastair Carruthers (Dermatologist), she started a research that culminated in the use of the product in facial aesthetics, being today the most frequent non-surgical treatment worldwide.


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When the muscles of the face are contracted, wrinkles are produced. As the contraction continues they become more persistent and deeper. Injected in small amounts into the muscles (producing their relaxation) Dysport reduces wrinkles.

Its effect is therapeutic on existing wrinkles and preventive on the formation of new wrinkles. Eyebrows that assume a higher position and convey a more youthful and relaxed look. The treatments are carried out in a few minutes and are practically painless (the painless application can only be achieved with a lot of training and a very refined technique).


Dysport also blocks the nerve impulse that makes the sweat glands produce sweat. Its application produces marked reductions in the production of sweat in the armpits, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. The treatment is simple and, with its repetition, almost complete reductions of excessive sweat production in these areas are achieved.


There is nothing more satisfying in medical cosmetics than getting an immediate correction of facial wrinkles through a simple injection of a certain product.


To reach this state it was necessary to go a long way, which began with the use of silicone or derivatives (the use of which is restricted to very special cases) bovine collagen, human collagen and more recently hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Glytone, Juvederm, Teosyal) and calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse).  


With these substances it is possible to correct wrinkles on the face, nasolabial folds, increase the lips, cheekbones, chin or eyebrows and produce changes in the shape of the nose or straighten the mandible.


The application of these substances on the face requires, in addition to an accurate technique, a certain dose of artistic attributes (since it is a modeling) that make treatments performed with the same substance can have very different results depending on the operator involved. To the growing need of people to acquire a more youthful appearance, through simple, fast treatments and with immediate results, the pharmaceutical industry responded by making available to the doctor an increasing number of products capable of meeting the expectations of patients, which led to that this segment of medical cosmetics was the one that grew the most in the last decade.


The face lift with growth factors is a non-invasive procedure in which the patient's own blood is used to isolate platelet-rich plasma, which will be reinjected, along with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, throughout the face and neck. The injection method is innovative, using a microinjection technique, without conventional syringes and needles and takes about 30 minutes. After a few days, the skin acquires a new texture, tone, shine and firmness. Many of the most superficial small wrinkles are also eliminated.


The treatment can be completed with a few radiofrequency sessions.

The treatment is FDA-approved and the effect can last for a year.


On the face, the sagging skin caused by the loss of collagen and elastin produces a tired and aged look. The key to a perfect result lies in achieving a controlled and not exaggerated stretching of the tissues underlying the skin, which can cause an unnatural appearance and irreversibly deform the patient's features.

The surgery can be performed with local anesthesia and sedation and requires about a week of recovery.

This surgery may be accompanied by blepharoplasty and neck lift.


A neck lift is a type of cosmetic surgery intended to remove excess skin and/or fat and remove or alter local muscles. It can also be performed with botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport, Bocouture) in a non-invasive way, by reducing the tension existing in the platysma bands (neck muscle).

Surgery is often accompanied by liposuction of adjacent areas.

The surgical procedure is performed with local anesthesia and sedation and recovery takes a few days.

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