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Surgery - Concept




The continuous evolution of technology associated with the comfort and convenience of the medical office, produced a marked change in the way many surgical procedures are carried out. Until recently only possible in day hospitals or outpatient surgery centers, many surgeries are now performed in the doctor's office environment. This change in the place of delivery brings important savings in the provision of health care, while increasing the convenience and comfort of patients and allowing the doctor to be extremely easy to schedule surgeries. On the other hand, it demands strict security measures and high quality standards.


Office based surgery is any surgery performed by an accredited surgeon, in the environment of a properly equipped medical office and which requires some degree of anesthesia.


The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) defines the various types of anesthesia as follows:


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Level 1 - Minimal Sedation or (Ansiolysis)

It is a drug-induced state in which patients remain awake and respond to verbal stimuli. Although cognitive functions and motor coordination may be affected, ventilatory and cardiovascular functions are unaffected.

Level 2 - Moderate Sedation (Conscious Sedation)

Drug-induced depressed state of consciousness in which the patient responds to verbal stimuli with or without tactile stimulation. No maneuvers are needed to keep the airway patent and there is spontaneous ventilation.

Level 3 - Deep sedation (Analgesia)

Drug-induced depressed state of consciousness, in which the patient does not wake up easily but responds coherently to painful stimulation. The ability to breathe spontaneously is compromised. Assisted ventilation may be required.  Cardiovascular function remains unchanged.

Level 4 - General Anesthesia

Drug-induced depressed state of consciousness in which the patient does not wake up despite painful stimulation. There is no spontaneous ventilation and cardiovascular function is compromised .

In our clinic, interventions are carried out in which the aforementioned levels 1 and 2 of anesthesia are used.

Recovery is always accompanied by a doctor or nurse until the patient is discharged.

MEVCLINIC only accepts the collaboration of doctors and nurses duly accredited and registered in the respective Orders.

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