clinica medicina estetica e cirurgia vascular


As in the face, in the rest of the body it is also possible to use hyaluronic acid-type dermal implants or calcium hydroxyapatite or fat transferred from excess places, to restore volume, shape and give a better appearance in areas such as buttocks, thighs, belly of the leg, arms and hands. There are a significant number of people who, not intending to use definitive implants, use this type of non-permanent and reversible techniques.


The particular case of fat has had a large increase in recent times, due to the fact that it is easy to obtain through liposuction and that the methods of preservation and the ways to increase fat longevity after harvesting have been improved. Reinjection into the body. The use of growth factors has been a determining factor in this regard and is still an active field of research which will certainly provide further advances in the near future.



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