clinica medicina estetica e cirurgia vascular


The importance of chin and jaw in facial aesthetics is notorious. An unbalanced chin or jaw can affect the harmony of the facial contour and cause problems of self-esteem and self-confidence mainly in patients of younger age groups. The balance of the chin and jaw positively influences the appearance of the nose, lower region of the face and neck.


This procedure can be a bridge to carried out by the introduction of a silicone implant under local anesthesia through the lower lip or a small incision under the chin. The correction can be made without surgery using dermal implants such as hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite, with which very good results can be obtained with a simple injection and in just a few minutes. A definitive procedure that has to be repeated, this procedure can be a bridge to the silicone implant allowing the patient to evaluate the improvement of their appearance and anticipate the final result with a simple and very non-aggressive treatment.



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