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Dysport is one of the trade names of botulinum toxin. It is a substance produced by a bacterium (Clostrydium botulinum). It acts at the level of the nervous connection with the muscles, producing muscular relaxation in the places where it is injected.


It was initially used in Ophthalmology to treat blepharospasm, a clinical condition characterized by involuntary contraction of the eyelids and in Neurology to treat various forms of pathological muscle contraction.


Botulinum toxin was introduced into facial aesthetics by Canadian physicians Jean and with is husband Alastair Carruthers in 1987. Dr. Jean Carruthers (Ophthalmologist) found that patients who injected Botox for blepharospasm treatment ran out of wrinkles around the eyes. She began her research with Alastair Carruthers (Dermatologist), which culminated in the use of the product in facial aesthetics, being the most frequent non-surgical treatment worldwide.


When contracting the muscles of the face wrinkles are produced. With the continuation of the contraction they become more persistent and deep. Injected in small amounts into the muscles (producing their relaxation) the botulinum toxin attenuates wrinkles. Its effect is therapeutic on existing wrinkles and preventive about the formation of new wrinkles. Eyebrow that take a higher position and convey a more youthful and relaxed appearance. The treatments are carried out in a few minutes and are almoust painless (with a lot of training and a very fast technique).

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The botulinum toxin also blocks the nerve impulse that causes the sweat glands to produce sweat. Its application produces marked reductions in sweat production in the armpits, palms and soles. The treatment is simple and after two or three sessions an almost complete reduction of excessive sweat production is achieved.


Much has been said about botulinum toxin, the administration of which is sometimes carried out by people with no training or credibility, causing confusion and misinformation. What can be said on the basis of science is that it is a safe product, provided it is used by experienced and properly trained medical personnel. Incorrect use may lead to unwanted side effects.


It has contraindications like any other pharmaceutical product that should be weighed by the doctor who will administer it. Although it can trigger allergic reactions, these are rare and minor in severity. The effect lasts for four to five months, requiring repeated applications to maintain the desired effects.



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